You are used to your motorbike getting you anywhere & everywhere in no time at all. There are occasions, however, when you need to relocate your motorbike, without riding it. It could be because you are moving or because it needs to be fixed. And your first thought is that you will just tow it. Well, it is a nice idea, but keep in mind that unless you have experience towing motorbikes, this can be a risky decision. Luckily for you Eastern Suburbs Towing Sydney provide Motorbike Towing Services in Sydney and are here to help.
The first thing that you need to know is that the weight of your motorbike should not be equally distributed on the trailer. More than half of the weight should be in front of the axle of your trailer. It takes some experience to find the ideal way to load your motorbike. The issue here is that if you fail to load your motorcycle properly, you pose a danger for yourself and other drivers as well.
When towing a motorbike, you need to keep all safety precautions as you would with a boat or trailer. This means leaving allowing bigger buffer zones for breaking and turning and of course ensuring that your hitch and safety straps are adequate for the weight of your motorbike.
The added challenge with motorbikes is that there is the danger of them tipping. Contrary to most cars, that come with a special mechanism that ensures they can be secured in place during transportation, most motorcycles lack that feature. This means that you will either need a special trailer or you will need to buy and install special gadgets on your existing trailer. Such equipment can be particularly costly and if you are not planning on moving your motorbike often, it might not be worth the investment. As you can see this can be a hassle so you may want to consider a Motorbike Towing Service in Sydney to tow your bike for you.
So what should you do if you need to relocate your motorbike, but you don’t want to get into all this trouble? If you do not have experience in motorbike towing, you might want to skip all these steps and just ask a professional to help you out. There are some reputable towing services in Sydney and Eastern Suburbs Towing Sydney is top rank. You can ask for a free quote and book them online here.