We tow a wide range of unwanted vehicles for individuals and local councils.
If you’re unwanted car doesn’t have any wheels. That’s No problem as we tow all our vehicles on a flat bed tilt tray tow truck. We can haul most vehicles with or without wheels problem free. Complete vehicles are always free depending on location of vehicle and condition. Vehicles that have no engines will incur a fee for removal as the vehicle has limited scrap value.
What You Need To Do
All you need to do is take off the number plates from the car and return them to the RMS. If the vehicle has Registration left on you’re vehicle the RMS will refund you some credit for the remaining Registration. When we come to remove you’re vehicle we will need the registration papers for the car so we can prove ownership of the vehicle. If there are any valuables in your car you should take them out before we arrive.
We remove old unwanted cars free of charge
We do vehicle salvage’s as well. If you have an old, broken vehicle on your property that you no longer want, we can take away for you free of charge.
Whether the car needs to go to a smash repairer or electrician or just taken away for scrap, we can take care of it for you. We can even tow your vehicle to your preferred mechanic for repairs.
No one wants to have an unsightly broken vehicle on their property, so we’ll help.